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bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly

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This debug notice is triggered when WP_DEBUG constant is defined to true and a plugin *other than* bbPress is attempting to access something pertaining to the current user before $wp->init() and/or the init action has fired in wp-settings.php. The notice is there to alert you that bbPress is being forced into a configuration that may cause other (potentially serious) access control issues that WordPress has no hooks to let properly bbPress circumvent or restore back to safe operating conditions.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to ascertain from within bbPress exactly what other plugin causes this to happen, so bbp_setup_current_user comes up in the logs.

Also, there is no wp_set_current_user action; the wp_set_current_user() function was introduced in WordPress 2.0.3 and the set_current_user action remains for backwards compatibility.

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