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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Timeline
  3. Ideas
  4. Mentors


bbPress is a fully-integrated forum plugin for the popular WordPress web software. It provides forum functionality for over a few hundred thousand WordPress sites, and is most popular for powering the and support sections.

Google Summer of Code is a program in which Google sponsors exceptional college students to develop open source code under the guidance of mentoring open source projects. This year, bbPress is hoping to be a mentoring organisation.

If you know you want to propose a GSoC project around bbPress, but aren’t sure what you want to do, check out our Ideas list below. If you have your own idea for a project, include it in your application and describe it thoroughly. You are not limited to ideas from this list.



Quick Edit forums and topics on dashboard

Provide Quick Edit functionality for forums and topics.

Admin Bar Support

Add admin bar UI and improve code for marking a user as Spam.

Akismet admin UI

Finishing up the API for and building the bbPress/Akismet admin UI to display the spam history and Akismet results.

Bulk actions for forums

Provide Bulk Actions for forums, such as marking topics as closed/spam/etc.

Moderator control panels

Create a `/moderate` section for moderators to use without needing to visit the `wp-admin` area.

Direct login and register links to bbpress login or register page templates

Create direct login and register pages, and/or a sidebar Widget, for bbPress users to avoid sending them to `wp-login.php`.

Very long load times when posting replies if topic has many subscribers

Create a mail queue on `wp_cron` to avoid long loads when a new reply is posted to a topic with many subscribers.

Auto refreshing new replies

AJAX all of the things!

User signatures/sigfiles
(No ticket yet.)


John James Jacoby, jjj
bbPress Lead Developer. Interested in projects around BuddyPress and bbPress.
Jennifer M. Dodd, jmdodd
bbPress Core Contributor. Interested in improving moderator experience and capabilities and adding popular user-requested functionality.
Daniel Dvorkin, MZAWeb
bbPress Contributor. Interested mostly in performance, AJAXifing all the things and security, but always open to fun challenges.
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