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GSoC 2013 Feedback

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carols: Next in line is jjj with notice ‘bbPress’
5:14 PM +jjj Howdy
5:15 PM @carols bbpress folks
5:15 PM hello there
5:15 PM thanks for waiting
5:15 PM +jjj ty for doing this
5:15 PM @carols of course, i’m happy to.
5:15 PM so we were a bit disappointed with your ideas page.
5:15 PM you’ve given a nice structure and wrapper to your bug tracker
5:16 PM that’s good for supporting documentation, but listing out bugs does not an ideas page make.
5:16 PM @carols we need a summary of the idea, potential mentors, difficulty, languages, etc.
5:16 PM +jjj Good feedback.
5:16 PM @carols and then and only then would I recommend you link to bugs that help shape the idea.
5:17 PM in terms of the number, though, it looks good. you just need to flesh each one out with all that info
5:17 PM +jjj That makes sense.
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5:17 PM @carols
your answers on your application were a little bit terse.
5:17 PM +jjj We tend to use Trac for our development discussion; seemed superfluous to copy/paste the bits; but tacking on specific mentors to ideas was lacking.
5:18 PM @carols yeah, the ideas page is really something that needs to be crafted.
5:18 PM it takes time and thought.
5:18 PM it’s difficult.
5:18 PM so i’d encourage you to flesh it out this year and try again next year.
5:19 PM @carols did you have specific questions for me/
5:20 PM +jjj No specific questions; WordPress has offered to allow us to participate under them, if they’re allotted enough slots; so it seems we may not be totally out? Does that make sense?
5:21 PM
(Same with BuddyPress, also)
5:21 PM @carols yes, that does make sense.
5:21 PM and i think that would be great.
5:21 PM please have them email me when we do slot allocations and remind me of this fact
5:21 PM +jjj Will do; thanks.
5:21 PM @carols i forget these details sometimes.
5:21 PM but id be happy to accommodate you under them
5:21 PM great.
5:22 PM anything else?
5:22 PM +jjj I’ll be chiming in during BuddyPress feedback also; the dev that did the application is time-zone impaired at the moment.
5:22 PM @carols fair enough
5:22 PM we’re down to five in the queue
5:22 PM +jjj Nope; not for bbPress. Thanks!

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