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bbPress Codex

Help improve bbPress documentation by writing articles or updating existing material.

Our documentation is volunteer led and is driven by community contributions, articles and guides to using bbPress written by users for users. We greatly encourage everyone to get involved and help improve our documentation and all members may contribute or edit pages on the codex.

To prevent spam in the codex, we manually add users as Authors or Editors. This is largely a formality, so please contact anyone from moderation team and we’ll grant you the access you need. The simplest way to do this is via the support forums with a new topic requesting access and @mention’ing one of the following people:

@jjj, @netweb, @mercime or @robin-w

We do have a few Standards and Guidelines we try to adhere to as far as content, tone, approach, etc… Please review and consider them before making changes and publishing content.

bbPress Forums

Help others at and see this article for more information about bbPress support.


The bbPress project is testing out Slack as our main real-time communication platform, replacing IRC and ad hoc Skype chats.

Details and information on getting up and running with an invitation to associate your account with Slack please see

Weekly Developer Chat

We currently meet on Slack at 20:00 GMT on Wednesdays. You can convert to your local timezone here.

bbPress Trac

We use a bug tracker called Trac which is the best place for us to have tickets to track bugs and enhancements, you can view the recent goings on, file new suggestions or report bugs, and browse the source past and present. We think the log and RSS feed are pretty cool to keep track of SVN commit messages. If you want to get started quickly, test a patch, or grab a bug and see if you can reproduce the problem it describes, we also now have good-first-bug tickets that are great starting points for new contributors.

bbPress Development Blog

The official bbPress development blog for the bbPress development team:

bbPress IRC Chats

Web-based IRC client:

Channel: #bbpress
The bbPress IRC chat room is a general place to hangout out with other bbPress users.

Channel: #bbpress-dev

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