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This page is a welcome message for the Support Forums.  This introduction is designed to help you find your way around the forums and to hopefully get you started as quickly as possible. The bbPress support forums will follow the same rules and guidelines set forth by the WordPress support forums. Please read these two pages to familiarize yourself to these guides. Using the Support Forum and  Forum Welcome.

Welcome Forum Volunteers

Thank you for taking the time to provide support at the bbPress Forums. Please note that the rules and guidelines set up in the WordPress support forums apply here as well. The following documents will help you navigate through our Forums.

1. Forum Welcome – this document is in part directed towards those who seek support at the forums but contains information about helping out, when topics can be deleted or closed, and reporting threads, among others. Disregard the mailing list information unless the issue is specific to WordPress.

2. WordPress Support Handbook – This contains a good number of articles which will help you provide support the “WordPress Way”. Some articles which you might like to read first:

Forum Moderators

Thank you for accepting the invitation to become moderators at our support forums 🙂

Please take a moment to read the recommended articles above and the ones below to re-acquaint yourself with our forum rules. Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to the bbPres core team.

Additional Reference: The accepted conventions on asking questions

It can be worthwhile reading through this document below as a primer on what is suggested as the correct approach to asking questions on forums and lists. While it’s aimed at the poster as guidance on how to behave and form a question that will gain positive responses, it’s useful for all to understand and is considered as a RFC:
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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