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Reply threading will enable a nested replies layout to a topic, so if a user is replying to another user’s reply, it will appear nested instead of the default flat forum view.

To enable reply threading throughout your bbPress forums:

  1. Go to Settings > Forums in the WordPress backend
  2. Then in the Forum Features section make sure “Enable threaded (nested) replies” is enabled

There are some settings to set for threaded replies that are similar to the threaded WordPress comments, like setting the possible levels deep a user can thread a specific reply.

reply theading levels

For a user to thread another reply, the user just has to click the reply admin link on the reply post the user is trying to reply to. This of course does not really work with the topic admin link, when you click it, it will just jump down to the reply form and just create a new reply, you cannot thread under the topic, only other replies.

reply threading reply admin link

Once the user has clicked the reply admin link it should direct them to the reply form and from then the you can either add some content and submit your reply to be threaded under the reply you were replying to, or click the Cancel link near the Submit button to cancel the reply.

If you added some content and hit the Submit button to post your reply. It should display something similar to this.

reply threading display

Please know that enabling Reply Threading you may come across some issues, or things that might seem like issues.

  1. There seems to be an issue with some markup in the layout self closing itself, and this could have an issue with some responsive styles not outputting, and could cause an absolutely positioned avatar because of this. (#2757)
  2. Though not really an issue, but seems to one for users who come across it, is that there is no pagination for the reply posts. We are working on a clean way to introduce pagination for threaded replies. (#2785)




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