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Installing Themes

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Installing themes, skins your site to look how you want and apply specific theme functionality for much more customization options for your site.

Finding Themes

Whenever you are searching for themes to install for your bbPress forums, specifically you look for WordPress themes with bbPress support. This means themes that work flawlessly with bbPress forums without issues and would not require users to edit any template files. This is strongly recommended if you want the bbPress forum to look better than the default styles and if you do not want to worry about editing any files. To find a bbPress supported theme, you would need to look in the WordPress theme repository and enter “bbpress” then decide the theme you want from there..

While there are some bbPress supported themes listed, there might be themes that may not have bbPress support, by default your current unsupported theme is using bbPress’s theme compatibility. So while you may have found a theme you like but it doesn’t have bbPress support, your theme should still work because of bbPress’s theme compatibility, but may require a little work to work flawlessly without coming across some common theme issues. Some themes do work great without any need adjustments or modifications to work, so it is different every theme. Contact your theme author first to see if they would consider adding bbPress support to their theme, or if they have a child theme for you to use that adds bbPress support for their theme. If you need any additional help fixing any issues with theme compatibility, make sure to post a topic in the support forums.

Installing Themes

After you have found the theme you want to install, with it either being bbPress supported or you have decided to rely on bbPress’s theme compatibility, installing is an easy process.

If your theme requires a specific installation and provides instructions, be sure to read  and follow those instructions.

To install a theme:

  1. Login into your WordPress backend
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes and hit the Add New button toward the top
  3. Now in the themes search bar enter the name of the theme and hit enter to search for it
  4. Hit the Install button on the theme that you searched for
  5. Then click the Activate link to make this theme your current theme used for your site
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