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Getting Started

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Welcome to bbPress! This section will help you set up your new bbPress-powered site. This section will go through installing and configuring your settings to translating your bbPress installation and importing forums to bbPress from another forum solution. The following are some guides to check out to get you started with bbPress.

Before Installing

This is information we recommend to learn before installing bbPress on your site. This might be recommended actions like backing up your database or just information of what will be installed on your site.

Installing bbPress

This section has information about installing bbPress on a single site, multisite, upgrading bbPress, and removing bbPress entirely.

Configuring bbPress

Learn how to create your forums,topics, and replies, and also configure your forum settings.


This guide will help you learn how to install plugins and themes, and lead to other guides in the codex that will help you customize bbPress.

bbPress in Your Language (Localization)

Translate bbPress into your own language.

Forum Moderation

This section will help users learn how to do common tasks when moderating your bbPress forums.

Improving Performance

Improve the performance of your site.

Importing Data

Import from other forum software and other import other data into bbPress posts.

Exporting Data

Export your bbPress forum data.

Testing your bbPress Installation

Learn how to create a test site and create test data for development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that get asked way to much that it gets its very own codex page.


Steps to troubleshoot bbPress issues and other common errors.

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