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Automatic Plugin Installation

  1. Log into your WordPress back-end.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New .
  3. You will see bbPress part of the featured plugins and you can install from there , or you can type “bbPress” into the search bar and hit enter to search the plugins.
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Now Activate the bbPress plugin.

Manual Plugin Installation

Using WordPress’s Plugin Uploader

  1. Download the bbPress plugin from or from .
  2. Now go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Then click the Upload Plugin button at the top.
  4. Click Choose File then choose your the bbPress zip file you downloaded.
  5. Hit Install Now , now activate.

Using FTP

  1. Download the bbPress plugin from or from .
  2. After downloading the file, unzip it to extract the plugin folder to your desktop
  3. You may launch your preferred FTP client like FileZilla.
  4. Locate and open up the folder on your computer that contains the new plugin.
  5. Upload the bbPress folder from your computer to /wp-content/plugins .
  6. Log into your WordPress site.
  7. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins .
  8. Click on Activate on the bbPress plugin.
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