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Creating Test Data

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It is best to set up a testing environment to try out bbPress first before adding any data. So please read this guide on how to set one up here: Creating a Test Site

You can manually create a forum, topic, and reply for a quick way to see what you are getting into, this may become tiresome though if you want to generate tons of data to test.

If you need to generate a lot of test data for a test site to work on developing with bbPress, you can try a few of the methods below. These methods are usually best for test servers or local development enviroments, do not use these on a production website.

bbPress WXR Sample Data

Created by Core Developer Stephen Edgar,  you can use the WordPress importer tool to import this XML file. This file imports about 17 forums,  15 being public, 2 being hidden and private each. The data also includes multiple topics and replies.

You can acquire the file from this trac ticket here.

If you want to directly download the file click here.

To import the data you would need to:

  1. Go to Tools > Import.
  2. Go all the way down to where it says WordPress and click the link.
  3. If you haven’t installed the WordPress importer plugin already , click Install Now.
  4. If you have the WordPress Importer plugin installed and activated , proceed to the import process.
  5. Click the Choose File button , now select the file you just downloaded before.
  6. Click Upload file and import.
  7. You can now assign the posts to a specific user of your choice and check Import Attachments
  8. Now click Submit
  9. After that it should import all of the posts in the file and tell you that it is done at the very bottom

EpicWebs bbPress Test Data

This is a WordPress plugin that is created by Rob Mehew when he needed data to add and remove when testing out a WordPress theme he was developing.

This plugin imports about 3 forums with Lorem Ipsum text with about 16 max replies or topics in each.

To add the bbPress test data using this plugin

  1. Download the plugin from here, or direct download from this link
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button
  4. Click the Choose File button and find and select the bbPress Test Data Plugin
  5. Then hit the Install Now button
  6. Now hit the Activate link



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