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These pages are for bbPress versions less than 2.0. They are considered out of date and are here for legacy only.

Using Plugins

To use a plugin, simply create a directory in your main bbPress directory called my-plugins and put the plugin file in it.

Then go to your bbPress admin and click the Plugins tab. You’ll find a list of the plugins in your my-plugins directory.

Activate the new plugin by clicking the Activate link.

Making Plugins

bbPress has a plugin API that functions exactly the same as WordPress’. All the familiar functions such as do_action(), add_filter() and so forth are found in bbPress. One of our goals is to make bbPress as pluggable as possible. If you have suggestions for new hooks or other improvements, please let us know.

Note: All plugins must have a plugin header. Below is an example.

Plugin Name: Name of your plugin required
Plugin URI: Plugin's website
Description: Short description of your plugin
Author: Your name
Author URI: Your website
Version: Current version number of your plugin

You can see what others have developed for legacy bbPress here and legacy plugin development center.

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