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These pages are for bbPress versions less than 2.0. They are considered out of date and are here for legacy only.

Go to the “permalinks” page in the bbPress admin area and select your desired permalink structure. It will try to create your .htaccess file, but if it can’t it will give you the contents to put in an .htaccess file manually.

Do I need any plugins to integrate bbPress with WordPress?

Not in bbPress, see the “WordPress integration” section of the “Settings” area in the admin of your installation for more information.

You will probably need to install the “bbPress integration” plugin in WordPress.

Where do I put my plugins and custom templates?

Plugins should go in a directory called my-plugins/ and every theme you upload should go into a separate subdirectory with a directory called my-templates/. Both of these directories should be in bbPress’ root directory (that is, the directory with bbPress’ bb-config.php file in it).

See also Customizing bbPress

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