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These pages are for bbPress versions less than 2.0. They are considered out of date and are here for legacy only.


These instructions cover upgrading to version 1.2

First, you should always back up your files and your database in case something goes wrong.

Second, deactivate all plugins.

Third, keep the following files and directories.

  1. bb-config.php
  2. my-plugins/ (if you have it)
  3. my-templates/ (if you have it)
  4. my-languages/ (if you have it)

also backup your existing .htaccess file if you have modified it, then delete everything else.

Fourth, upload the newest version of bbPress to your server.

Fifth, log in and visit your bbPress admin area. If you see an upgrade link instead of the normal screen, click it. If you don’t see an upgrade link (it would have been really obvious), continue to the next step.

Sixth, visit the new “Settings” area of the admin and edit any details or settings in the “General” section. Also visit the “Permalinks” section to regenerate your .htaccess file if necessary. Also reactivate your plugins one by one (some may need to be upgraded as well).

Seventh, sit back and relax; you’re done!

These downloads are for legacy versions of bbPress and are no longer in active development but still available for download if you’re feeling nostalgic. You can find the WordPress plugin bbPress here

bbPress 1.2

The latest 1.x stand-alone version of bbPress is 1.2 (.zip / trac / svn)

The latest bbPress 1.2 specific BackPress package is backpress-1.2-bbpress (.zip / trac / svn)

(You will also need the GlotPress ‘pomo’ folder from here.)

bbPress 0.9

The latest 0.9 legacy branch of bbPress is (.zip trac / svn)

bbPress Legacy Plugins

Subversion repositories for all of the retired bbPress 1.1 plugins. We’re committed to keeping them hosted here in perpetuity, though they should be considered retired and no longer active. Legacy Plugins

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